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moshing in ecua…it happens August 30, 2007

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i´m already on disc two of alias.  i´m kind of ashamed to admit that.

but not to worry, there´s been plenty of time for living my own life too.  haha.  last night the worship service at comunidad de fe was so incredible.  Found out last night that the church has 8,000 members.  their sanctuary is probably the size of our gym at CLA.  they´re moving into a new building in a few weeks, but for now you have to pack in there like sardines.  the worship service was about 3 hours long.  i was constantly being stepped on and smooshed and suffocated but it was worth it.  everyone jumps during the fast songs – even the old people.  people don´t care about their comfort… they just want to badly to worship God.  We did the happy song, lead me to the cross, the stand, endlessly… all in spanish of course.  afterwards we met one of the pastors and his wife.  they both speak english.  they told us that comunidad de fe is hoping to be the latino version of hillsong.  they have started a worship school every monday night to train musicians, and they write their own worship songs too.  she invited me to a women´s bible study on monday and i think i´ll go.  they are a young and really neat couple. 

after church, we went to a place called bonga to meet up with a bunch of international students.  the place we went to… well, it was interesting.  it´s supposedly a dance place but they place rock music and the only dancing they have is mosh pits!  and all the decorations were anime.  it was like purple door minus christianity plus japanese cartoons.  it was so strange.  i´m learning not to be suprised by anything here.  we left early, but it was an entertaining scene to say the least. 

second day of classes is going well so far… hope school´s goin good for the rest of you.


2 Responses to “moshing in ecua…it happens”

  1. tony Says:

    That church sounds so cool…. I am glad you are back on your Alias addiction….

  2. ellie chase Says:

    Office Season 3 comes out next week… BUY IT!!!

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