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first day of school August 29, 2007

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Today we began the fall semester at USFQ.  It was a nutsy day.  I´m used to the campus being so quiet and now it is packed with Ecuadorians… who all look like they just stepped off the runway.  I find it pretty hilarious that a lot of the guys wear their polo sweaters tied around their shoulers.  maybe it´s just me.

This morning I had tejido, my weaving class.  The teacher showed us a bunch of projects students made in the past and they are so sweet.  Plus almost all my friends are in that class – it´s all gringos – only 2 ecuadorians!  We don´t have any homework, ever, and that´s cause for celebration.  It´ll be real relaxing – the teacher told us we can bring our ipods every class if we want.  Then I went to lit class.  The way registration works here is that if the class is full you can be on the wait list… I showed up to class and got one of the last desks, but people kept flooding in.  There were almost twice as many people as there were desks by the time everybody got there.  Luckily i wasnt´on the wait list so i didn´t get kicked out like a lot of them.  The teacher is kind of mean for that one and hard to understand.  It´ll be a tough one.

Today I played the piano and sang for the first time since I got here!  I was dying without music, seriously.  It was so wonderful.  Tonight we go to an all-night worship service at our church which is super exciting and I plan on talking to the pastor afterwards to get involved (hopefully).

GUESS WHAT!!!? this is totally unrelated but yesterday I discovered that there is a DVD store on my street that sells seasons of american tv shows.  this includes, but is not limited to, lost, prison break, 24, the oc, full house, house, gray´s anatomy… and the best one ever… ALIAS!!!  I am on my way to go buy season 3 as soon as i finish this blog.  The best part… 2 bucks per disc, bring the grand total for season 3 to eight bucks.  YESSSSSSSS!  i know tony and jamie will be able to empathize with me that I have been in suspense for this whole month after the finale of season 2.

well i have more to write but i know the big joke around pa is that i´m way to long winded… so out of consideracy, i´m out!


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