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wedge heels plus quito = disaster August 28, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Andrea @ 4:02 pm

yesterday´s fiasco brings the wipe-out-in-public tally to 2.  Wearing heels has always been something I enjoy…but not in ecuador.  the thing is i stay down there on the ground for a few minutes because i´m laughing so hard, making a scene and drawing even more attention to myself besides the unavoidable gringita factor.  what an oaf i am.

in other news, today and yesterday we had international student orientation to USFQ.  There´s 250 other american students studying here this fall!  There are a lot of new faces to meet.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to classes starting.  I´ll have textiles (weaving) and literature tomorrow and then tuesday thursday i have spanish conversation and modern dance.  it´s a pretty easy schedule, thank goodness.

in the words of my friend Arelis…



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