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Class Dismissed August 23, 2007

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I literally just finished my final for my spanish class.  It was a beast, basically all questions about grammar… i´ve never been much of a fan of grammar in english let alone in spanish.  but it´s over.  all i have left is an oral exam tomorrow which should be easy cheesey.  PS that just made the think of the most amazing blog entry that ellie just posted.  PLEASE read it maybe you will laugh as much as I did (ellie we´re not laughing AT you, just WITH you).

The saddest thing just happened I just have to vent to the internet community about.  I´m such a nerd to have just used the phrase internet community.  Anyways,

My parents sent me a highly anticipated package in the mail over 2 weeks ago to make sure it would get here on time for my birthday.  Aaron´s sent me something too.  And every day I go check the office.  Today on the way there I ran into Pablo and Nieves and I mentioned I was going to look for a package.  They got all excited and told me they had just seen it in the office.  So for the next 2 minutes of my life everything was warm and fuzzy as I dashed into the office to get my birthday gift.  Only to get there and find out it was actually for a girl named Alexandria from our group.  I know both of our names start with A… but come on guys you´re killin´me.  Maybe I will get it before I leave Ecuador but I´m starting to lose hope.

In other news, I have officially decided to move my semester in Australia to next fall instead of this spring.  It was a huge decision but I have a real peace about it.  It will be a smart financial move because I will live at home and commute next semester while also working to save up money – that way when I do go to Australia i will have the means to do cooler trips and ¨live it up¨ to the fullest.  Plus applying for a visa from ecuador would be a real pain.  Feels good to be decided…

For all those of you were are starting school this week, I wish you the best and hope your classes go well!


4 Responses to “Class Dismissed”

  1. ellie chase Says:

    hahaha, thanks for the shoutout. I think its a very wise decision to move your Australian semester. It seems to me, in fact, that only positives could come of it.

    The best part about my cheese blog is how I didn’t even go over all my specifications about MILK… oh man..

  2. droc Says:

    Andrea!!! I just wanted to say hi and i hope you’re having an awesome time.. And thats cool that you’ll be home for a semester before you go to Australia, alittle time to chill with the homies and such.. Woo Woo

  3. Carolyn Boyer Says:

    hey im glad everything is going well!! ill pray that your package will get there soon!! but happy belated birthday!! i love you and ill be praying for you!!

  4. Ryan Gerber's Mom Says:

    Hi Andrea!
    Happy belated birthday! So glad to hear you are doing well. Ryan really missed seeing you while in PA. Hope you finally got your birthday package! Sounds like you are having quite the adventure. Be safe and healthy!
    God Bless, Ellen

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