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I feel all grow-ed up August 22, 2007

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Well thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!  Yesterday was probably one of the more fun birthdays I´ve ever had…minus the paper I had to write.

In the morning my host family gave me a special breakfast (by special, i mean a different kind of bread, yet the same banana, OJ, and hot chocolate that i have every morning, haha but it´s the thought that counts) and my host family all came out and sang to me, which is pretty funny when they´re all in their pj’s and 6:30 in the morning.  They gave me roses, and then when I got to school I got another bouquet of roses!  After school I came home and did homework, and I went to the internet cafe and got to talk to my sister and Aaron.  I didn´t get to talk to my parents though which was so sad!  On your birthday you kind of want to talk to your family!  They were at the forever young dinner…hahah just my luck.  Then 6 of my girlfriends came over for a fancy dinner at my house!  My family pulled out all the stops and made us quite the feast.  they also gave me the most hilarious pair of slippers… i´ll have to put a picture up.  Then afterwards we had a spontaneous dance party in my room to my infamous dance spazz itunes playlist.  Gets ´em everytime!    Hahaha!  Then some of our ecaudorian guy friends came with us and we went to the mariscal for karaoke!  It was so hilarious.  I´ll have you know that it was also on my list for life to do karaoke.  10 points to whoever can guess the song I sang.  I´ll give you a hint – disney cerca late 90´s.  then we danced merengue and salsa all night!  It was glorious.

Oh I forgot to tell you something hilarious that happened yesterday, speaking of singing.  It was horrible.  Okay on the buses here, random vendors are always getting on and off the bus selling stuff like candy or ice cream.  Well, this guy got on our bus yesterday and we thought he was selling CDs.  He had this ghetto little boom box under his arm and when he pressed play… the most horrible backtrack imaginable came on.  It was out of tune guitar that sounded like it was played on a little keyboard.  Then… the unthinkable happened.  He started to sing.  He was up there with William Hung as one of the worst singers I´ve ever heard… me and kara lost it.  we were laughing so hard!  Until everyone on the bus started giving us disgusted looks.  Then we saw his walking stick.  He was blind and singing to beg for money!  We felt so bad.  don´t ever laugh at a guy to his face while he´s singing if he´s blind… well at least, don´t laugh at loud.


2 Responses to “I feel all grow-ed up”

  1. ryangerber Says:

    i can show you the world- from the popular disney movie aladdin

  2. frompatotheequator Says:

    no. but two of my friends sang that one

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