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off to the amazon August 16, 2007

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Well tomorrow morning we fly out to the jungle.  Im pretty pumped.  The apostraphe key isnt working on this keyboard…sorry for all those it will annoy.  It annoys me anyways.  But one thing that I need to do this weekend, no ifs ands or buts, is to hold a monkey.  If youve known me for any period of time youve probably heard me talk about my list.  its kind of a big deal.  Holding a monkey is definitely on there.  so is visiting the rainforest… check!  I will post pictures to prove it when i get back.  pray that i dont get malaria.  That is NOT on my list.  : )

In other news,  my new quandry is whether or not to do australia this spring.  GASP SHREIK I know.  I definitely want to go there… but I am toying with the idea of going next fall instead of this spring.  The reasons are kind of long to explain.  Nadia advised me to make a pros and cons list.  (and pray too, haha, dont want to leave that one out) So hopefully within the next few weeks i can figure this out.  Big decisions like that are very hard for me because Im super-indecisive.  Either way Im going down under, its just a timing issue.

well i have to run to dance class, and after that pack up for the amazon!  oh ps how was p. tone and jamies last service yesterday? i want to hear about it!

adios amigos


2 Responses to “off to the amazon”

  1. ellie chase Says:

    Bonnie solved the commenting dilemma. When you comment on my blog, there are little bubbles that ask you if you are a blogspot/google member, or OTHER or anonymous.. you have to check “OTHER”.. and then you can comment

  2. Dobes Says:

    It’s good to hear you are doing well and adjusting to the altitude:) I am so envious. The JUNGLE.!!!I have a liking for Monkeys, so hold one for me….P. Tone and Jamie’s parties were great. Thanks for sending the beautiful letter. I put it in their scapebook. Wednesday night was lade back “P. Tone’s style.” The theme was “This is your Life.” We had everything from Hillbillies to gross out games. Speaking of, I heard about your experience with vinegar. I have to laugh. I bet your system was cleaned out. Sunday’s party was tear dropping and hilarious. One of the highlights was Brady laughing randomly and histarically throughout the service. I will be thinking and praying for you.
    Lot’s of love

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