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jippihappa August 15, 2007

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Hey guys!  Man first let me just say that looking at my blog stats is both a strange ego boost and yet a frightening feeling of being stalked.  I put a link to my blog from my facebook profile today, and i got 67 views today, mostly clicked from that link.  It kind of freaked me out… who are you people reading my blog!? haha!  67 views is probably nothing compared to my good friend p. tone, but still…. whoa.  my life isn´t THAT interesting. 

A good example of the uninterestingness of my life for the past few days is that the most interesting thing I can think of to say is that today I had the worst lunch I´ve probably ever had in my life.  But it only cost  $1.60 for 3 courses so I guess I shouldn´t have expected much.  We went to Christa´s neighborhood after school, which is called ¨jippihappa¨ (pronounced hippie-hoppa).  The meat in my meal… or whatever it was… had like tentacles.  I think it might have been octupus or squid.  I tried not to think about it too much.  Like I said… every meal here is an adventure.

The other big news is that all the soap opera finales are on this week.  As oppossed to american soaps which last for like 10 years or something, soaps here only run about 3 months or so.  The one i watch with my host parents every night after dinner is ending pretty soon and things are getting intense.  A character died this week and my family and i shared quite the tragic moment.  I wish you guys could know how funny this soap opera is yet how seriously my host parents treat it.  And how many times I have to hold in the laughter just to be polite….haha.  I miss Alias… can someone send me season 3 for my birthday?  pretty please??? 


2 Responses to “jippihappa”

  1. Meg Tyson Says:

    Do you know what a jippijappa is??

    I think its a type of hat but for the longest time i thought it was the word for bunny and i found it the most appropriate word in the whole spanish language. :OP

  2. ellie chase Says:

    Listen, i don’t mean to get all myspace on you… but comment me and i’ll comment you more often ttyl lolrolfl lol TSNF!

    I love you and i’ll be thinking of you on your birthday! I’ll figure out some technological way to give you something , hahah

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