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Fin de Semana August 11, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Andrea @ 7:32 pm

that means weekend.  just trying to increase your spanish vocabulary folks! haha.

Well, what´s new?

You know how I said that thursday night my friends and I were going to that holiday thing downtown?  Boy that was a big mistake.  $6 taxi ride (that´s A LOT here), ridiculously crowded, to the point that i wasn´t even walking but being carried along by the pushing people on every side of me, they charged money to use the public bathrooms, did i mention it was crowded? haha.  not a good time.  hugo chavez was there…the ecuadorian president and him are on pretty good terms from what I hear.  no i didn´t get to meet him…

gotta go we´re going to the teleferico!


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