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July 30 PM July 31, 2007

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 Okay first of all sorry the last few entries were posted a little late.  I didn’t have internet access so I journaled on microsoft word and just did copy and paste to make three seperate entries.  I know they’re very detailed.  Like I said, don’t feel like you have to read all of it!  If you want to see pictures, I just loaded an album onto facebook and you can check it out!  It’s pretty good hope you enjoy!


 on to the actual blog entry…


Second day of orientation is now complete!  Today was interesting.  After breakfast we met Juan Francisco Guerrero, aka Pancho, who is one of the international student directors at USFQ, my school for the fall.  He started off the morning with a talk about safety.  Boy did it make me feel paranoid.  I mean, it’s good that they are very honest with us about safety concerns… but it made you never want to leave your house!  Although in the past few days we have been in a lot of dangerous areas, and I have learned to always keep my purse in front of me with my arm over it and turned around.  I never carry more than 10 dollars with me, and disguise other stuff.  It’s crazy to have to be so on guard; I wish it was like the USA where it wasn’t as important.  It really makes you rely on God when you know it is so dangerous here.  I know that He’ll take care of me – even though I will be amazed if I make it through the semester without getting something stolen from the sounds of things.  Unfortunately, only 6 students got free cell phones.  They pulled names out of a hat and sadly I lost.  I have to buy one and then buy calling cards – it’s pretty pricey.  But another good safety measure.  After our safety talk we talked about signing up for classes – I am going to take modern dance, tejido (weaving), Spanish grammar, a Latin American lit class, and then the class we have during the month of august which also counts towards my minor.  Should be a good schedule if all goes according to plan.  They told us that they wanted us to learn how to use the buses today so we took them to get to USFQ for a tour of campus.  Wow the buses are crazy!  Sooo crowded… forget personal space, and so hard to know when to get on and off!  The bus rides were long and we had to change buses twice.  It was good to have an idea of how long it will take Kara and I to get to school every morning, because our host family lives right by our hotel.  The view from the bus rides is AMAZING though.  We pass a white-water-rafting river, a few volcanoes that are snow capped, breathtaking views – not too shabby!  When we got the university, all of us were dumbfounded with how nice it is.  I’ve seen lots of pictures and everything – but, as has been the case with all of Quito, you just don’t get how gorgeous it is until you see it in person.  Pablo gave us a VERY LONG tour of the campus… going into a little too much detail… but it was good to get a feel for it.  We had lunch in the cafeteria.  It was the best meal every – three courses for 3.50.  It is served by chefs and they take your tray from you when you’re done – more like a nice restaurant then a cafeteria for sure!  The school has great classrooms and lots of beautiful fountains.  I love it.  I can’t believe I get to go to school here.  They say it costs the same to study here as it does in the states.  It is the first liberal arts college in Ecuador and it was only founded 19 years ago.  Pretty interesting how the school got started.  It helped me not to take my liberal arts education for granted – most Ecuadorians who are lucky enough to go to college have to go to a tech school and can’t just change their major or something.  I am truly blessed.  We then came back to the hotel and had dinner in the restaurant here.  Me and Sarah had a great talk at dinner, I am really enjoying getting to know her!  We are freakishly alike.  A bunch of us girls talked this morning about starting up a weekly bible study, I hope we actually do it!  There are a lot of girls here that are really solid spiritually.  It’s so encouraging.  We have a lot of fun but also they have that spiritual depth that is so hard to come by in friends.  Well that’s about all we did today – mostly just being at the university and braving public transportation!  Until tomorrow!


3 Responses to “July 30 PM”

  1. tony Says:

    Sounds exciting!!! I visited a valcano once, but it was a little anti-climatic…..

  2. Lindsay Says:

    ohhh Andrea… It is soo good to hear from you and read all about what you guys do every day. Hopefully you’ll be able to keep us this updated throughout the semester! We love you and miss you!

  3. ellie chase Says:

    This is exciting. I was looking at the pictures today and it actually dawned on me that you are hours and hours and miles away! I can’t wait for what’s to come..

    btw.. i started my blog….you best recognize

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